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At Home Bowel Cancer Testing Kit Saving Lives

Nothing highlights the importance of early detection like bowel cancer. Causing the second highest number of cancer-related deaths in Australia, bowel cancer claims over 70 victims every week. Yet in 90% of the cases with early detection, treatment is successful.
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Super Cheap Timberlands at StreetWise

EUROPE may lead the way in women’s fashion, but when it comes to the guy’s gear, it’s all about the US.

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Sunday Roast

Few people can go past a good roast, whether you eat it with perfectly done vegetables or in a sandwich with the freshest of breads. The chefs at St Ives Carvery are experts in producing the perfect joints of beef, lamb and pork and succulent chickens as well. If you would like to serve up the perfect Sunday roast at home, maybe some of these tips will help.

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Delicious, Economical Cuts

Such is the pace at which we live our lives that when it comes to cooking a meal we often settle for fast and easy. So chicken breasts and legs are in, as are lamb chops, a barbecue steak even stir fry strips. The trend has resulted in those cuts favoured by our parents and grandparents falling by the wayside. Cuts like Blade, Chuck and Shoulder that take longer to cook but are delicious nevertheless and economical.

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